Jelena Ana Milcetic a.k.a. Helen Merrill

Jelena Ana Milcetic a.k.a. Helen Merrill

if nobody hears / if no one's around

then nobody knows / if there was a sound

(Marilyn & Alan Bergman - "Nobody Knows")

Recorded in 1999

Helen Merrill vocal Lado Folk Dance & Music Ensemble of Croatia (1) Terry Clarke drums (1-2-3-5-9-11) Steve Lacy soprano saxophone (2-3-5-6-9) Gil Goldstein accordion (2), piano (2-3-5-9), arr. (3-5-9) George Mraz double bass (2-3-4-5-7-8-9-10-11) Dennis Anderson oboe, english horn (4-7-8) Dominic Cortese accordion (4-7-8-13) Torrie Zito fender rhodes (4-7), arr. (4-7-8), cond. (4-7-8), piano (12) Gloria Agostini harp (4-7-8) Jeff Mironov guitar (4-7-8) Jesse Levy cello (4-7-8) Steve Kroon percussion (4-7-8) two sopila players from the island of Krk, Croatia (6) Franck Zuback cond. (9) Sir Roland Hanna piano (10-11)

Ind. Title Composer / Author Dur.
1/ Kirje (Kyrie- 1st mvt from the liturgical cantata "Telo Kristusevo") Tomislav Uhlik 3:14
2/ Imagining Krk Gil Goldstein 2:14
3/ Long, Long Ago Thomas Haynes Bayly (1833), adapt. H. Merrill / H. Merrill 4:35
4/ My Father Judy Collins / Judy Collins 7:17
5/ La Paloma Sebastian Yradier (1864), adapt. H. Merrill / H. Merrill 5:57
6/ Tanac trad. Croatian folk song 1:40
7/ Wayfarin' Stranger trad. folk ballad (c. 1800), adapt. H. Merrill, Torrie Zito 4:24
8/ I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen Thomas P. Westendorf (1876), adapt. H. Merrill, Torrie Zito 5:29
9/ Lost In The Stars Kurt Weill / Maxwell Anderson 5:18
10/ Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child trad. Black Spiritual (c. 1800), adapt. H. Merrill, Sir Roland Hanna 5:35
11/ Among My Souvenirs Horatio Nicholls (Lawrence Wright) / Edgar Leslie 3:44
12/ Nobody Knows Michel Legrand / Marilyn & Alan Bergman 2:32
13/ Ti Si Rajski Cvijet (You Are A Flower From Paradise) trad. Croatian folk song, adapt. H. Merrill 1:00

Recorded April 9, May 27, June 15-16 & September 11, 1999 at Sear Sound Studio, New York City (USA).
Mixed September 11, 1999 at Sear Sound Studio, NYC.
Mastered September 21, 1999 at BMG Studio, NYC and September 22, 1999 at River Music, Rowayton, CT (USA).
Recording, mixing & mastering engineer: Jay Newland. 1st assistant engineer: Dave Fisher. 2nd assistant engineer: Chris Beier.

Producers: Helen Merrill & Daniel Richard. Executive producers: Jean-Philippe Allard & Daniel Richard. Production coordinator: Franck Zuback.

Design & photography: Gilles Guerlet & Jerome Witz. Painting: Jerome Witz. Session photography: Cheung Ching Ming.
English translation: Martin Davies.

Prepared for release by Dominique Bernard.

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