Steve Lacy + 16:


I sailed through many waters,
cold following warm because I moved though
Arctic and Equator were steady.

(Patricia Beer in "Estuary")

Recorded in 1990

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Andreas Kolbe flute & piccolo Steve Potts alto & soprano saxophones Urs Leimgruber soprano & tenor saxophones Hans Steiner bass clarinet Franz Koglmann flugelhorn Klaus Peham trumpet Glenn Ferris trombone Radu Malfatti trombone Raoul Herget tuba Bobby Few piano Burkhard Stangl guitar Gyde Knebusch harp Irene Aebi cello, violin & voice (4, 7) Jean-Jacques Avenel bass John Betsch drums Sam Kelly percussion Gustave Bauer conductor

Ind. Title Composer / Author Dur.
The Precipitation Suite: Steve Lacy
1/ I Feel A Draft (To Mal Waldron) 4:04
2/ Cloudy (To Giuseppe Chiari) 5:56
3/ Rain (To Cecil Taylor) 6:01
4/ The Sun Steve Lacy / Buckminster Fuller 5:46
5/ Moon (To Gianni Amico) Steve Lacy 7:19
6/ Sweet 16 (To the Marx Brothers) 14:05
7/ Itinerary (To Juan Luis Borges) Steve Lacy, arr. F. Koglmann / Patricia Beer 9:48

Recorded on November 26-28, 1990 at Haus Der Begegnung Mariahilf, Vienna (Austria). Engineer: Peter Pfister.

Photos by Jean Odermatt. Cover art: Walter Bosshardt.

Producers: Pia & Werner X. Uehlinger.

Tracks 1-2-3: