Michail Bezverhny:

Homage To Steve Lacy

Michail plays jazz like William Burroughs wrote prose.

(Steve Lacy - liner notes)

Recorded in 2003-2004

Michail Bezverhny, Olga Zolotareva (1), Vadim Tsibulevsky (9) violin

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
Precipitation Suite Steve Lacy 13:40
1/ I Feel A Draf
Book "P" Of Practitioners (2-7) Steve Lacy
2/ Peacock 5:20
3/ Pelican 3:57
4/ Penguin 4:05
5/ Porcupine 2:58
6/ Platypus 4:45
7/ Pterodactyl 3:40
8/ Lion (Lev) Michail Bezverhny 1:40
9/ Cross-Purposes Steve Lacy 8:20

Recorded by Michel Huon (1-8) and Klankatelier Guido Martens (Ghent). Precipitation Suite recorded live on the "Homage to Mal Waldron" concert at the Sint-Kwintenskapel in Ghent on March 1, 2003.
Mastered by Michel Huon (1-8) and Vadim Tsibulevsky (9).

Producer: vzw Klimop (Ghent). Executive producer: Rita De Vuyst for Sabam.

Cover photography: Jacky Lepage. Cover art: Bernard Van Overmeire.

Notes: Lion is dedicated to Steve Lacy. Instruments used: on Precipitation Suite, two 18th century violins; on Book "P" Of Practitioners, four different violins, one by Belgian violinmaker Georges de Lobel; on Cross-Purposes, two violins made by Flamish violinmaker Luc Deneys.