Gil Evans:

Great Jazz Standards

Recorded in 1959

Gil Evans piano, arranger, director Johnny Coles, Louis Mucci, Allen Smith (1-2-5), Danny Stiles (3-4-6-7) trumpet Curtis Fuller, Bill Eaton (1-2-5), Dick Lieb (1-2-5), Jimmy Cleveland (3-4-6-7), Rod Levitt (3-4-6-7) trombone Bob Northern (1-2-5), Earl Chapin (3-4-6-7) French horn Bill Barber tuba Budd Johnson tenor saxophone, clarinet (3-4-6-7) Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Al Block (1-2-5) reeds Ed Caine oboe Chuck Wayne (1-2-5), Ray Crawford guitar (3-4-6-7) Dick Carter (1-2-5), Tommy Potter (3-4-6-7) bass Dennis Charles (1-2-5), Elvin Jones drums

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Davenport Blues Bix Beiderbecke 4:25
2/ Straight, No Chaser Thelonious Monk 6:19
3/ Ballad Of The Sad Young Men F. Landesman, T. Wolf 4:00
4/ Joy Spring Clifford Brown 2:49
5/ Django John Lewis 8:05
6/ Chant Of The Weed Don Redman 4:25
7/ La Nevada (Theme) Gil Evans 6:15

Recorded in New York City on February 5, 1959 [3-4-6-7] and early 1959 [1-2-5].
Digital transfer by Ron McMaster.

Producer: Richard Bock. Producer for release: Michael Cuscuna.

Note: the 2xLP editions combine both Great Jazz Standards (1959) and New Bottle Old Wine (1958).