Steve Lacy Quintet:

Free Jazz Festival Ghent

The music that we play is completely organic: it is grown out of all the music played before, by certain artists, in a precise location, at a certain moment, and cannot be replicated.

(Steve Lacy - quoted in the liner notes)

Recorded in 1971

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Steve Potts alto saxophone Irene Aebi cello
Kent Carter double bass Noël McGhee drums

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Lapis Steve Lacy 31:19
2/ Moon 18:19
3/ La Motte-Piquet 12:19
4/ The High Way 16:57

Recorded live at Free-jazz Festival Ghent on October 24, 1971 by BRT Brussels.

Producer: Naked Music 2004-2. Executive producer: Rita De Vuyst.

Cover photography: Fred Vandaele.