Dave Douglas:


Recorded in 1995

Dave Douglas trumpet Mark Feldman violin Eric Friedlander cello Drew Gress bass Michael Sarin drums

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Invasive Procedure Dave Douglas 0:41
2/ Mirrors (for Steve Lacy) 2:56
3/ Going, Going (for Wayne Shorter) 5:40
4/ Seven (for Mark Dresser) 8:54
5/ Who Knows? Thelonious Monk 4:35
6/ The Inflated Tear Rahsaan Roland Kirk 6:16
6/ Actualities (for Woody Shaw) Dave Douglas 13:31
6/ Knit Brown 0:55
6/ Over Farrell's (for John Cage) 8:04
6/ Mogador (for John Zorn) 8:10

Recorded on July 31 & August 1, 1995 at East Side Sound, NYC. Engineer: Jon Rosenberg.
Mixed August 28, 1995 at East Side Sound, NYC. Engineer: Jon Rosenberg. Assistant engineer: Federico Panero.
Mastering: Gennaro Carone, PhonoComp, Tribiano-Milano (Italy).

Producer: Dave Douglas. Executive producer: Flavio Bonandrini.

Cover art: baseline.

Liner Notes

Dave has been touched by many kinds of music, but what comes out is solely his - coherent, tasteful and never self-indulgent. This music has a different story to tell each listener, and yet always retains an integrity, an honesty and a clarity of vision. The compositions here, like Dave's playing, are meticulously crafted and carefully considered, and as such will richly reward the serious listener on repeated hearings.

From the first note you know that this guy's in total control of his art, in peak form, and is going to be taking you places you've never even imagined. It rarely gets better than this - adventurous music touched by genius.

John Zorn (excerpt from liner notes)

Five is the most recent recording of my String Group, formed in early 1992. I've really enjoyed developing this music with a working band, and the new compositions and arrangements are all heavily influenced by the experiences of the band itself.

It should be obvious to the listener that the String Group is not "Dave Douglas with Strings." This is a group of five improvisers - each with his own indispensable role in the music that I write and arrange.

Dave Douglas (excerpt from liner notes)