Evan Parker:

Evan Parker with Birds

For Steve Lacy

Recorded in 2004

Evan Parker soprano & tenor saxophones John Coxon, Ashley Wales soundscapes

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ (1) Evan Parker 11:00
2/ (2) 8:29
3/ (3) 4:58
4/ (4) 15:07

Recorded at Gateway Studios, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey (Enngland). Engineer: Steve Lowe. Assistant engineer: Gurjit Dhinsa. Mixed by Asa Bennett. Birdsongs recorded by Geoff Sample, Charles & Heather Myers, Jean C. Roche, Myles North & Eric Simms. Field recordings by Ashley Wales made in Liskeard, Cornwall & St Marys, Isle of Scilly.

Producer: Treader 2004. Published by Chrysalis Music/EMI Music.

Graphic design: Frauke Stegmann.