Steve Lacy meets the Roccardo Fassi Trio:


Its' as though the world turns around Lacy, a merry-go-round of people, rendezvous and figures who meet, even only marginally.

(Davide Ielmini, July 2002 - liner notes)

Recorded in 2001

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Riccardo Fassi piano Gianluca Renzi bass Ettore Fioravanti drums

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Dark Water (meant for Steve Lacy) Riccardo Fassi 6:27
2/ Replicante 9:26
3/ Dummy Steve Lacy 5:29
4/ Voci Lontane Gianluca Renzi 3:50
5/ Day Out Of This Time 6:22
6/ This Is It Steve Lacy 7:34
7/ Compassion Riccardo Fassi 7:15
8/ Together collective improvisation 3:29
9/ Esteem Steve Lacy 7:53
10/ Mon Ami Attila Ettore Fioravanti 5:41

Recorded on September 5th, 2001 at House Recording Studio, Rome (Italy). Engineer: Simone Ciammarughi.

Producer: Peppo Spagnoli for Splasc(h) Records.

Cover photography: "Businessman" NY 1982 by Paolo Buggiani. Inside photos: Alfonso Mongiu. Graphic design: Luigi Naro. Liner notes: Davide Ielmini. Translation into English: Pete Kercher.

Contact: Riccardo Fassi ( +39 348 2292442

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