Steve Lacy Double Sextet:


Mon pauvre cœur est un hibou

qu'on cloue, qu'on décloue, qu'on recloue.

(Guillaume Apollinaire)

Recorded in 1992

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Steve Potts alto & soprano saxophones Hans Kennel trumpet Glenn Ferris trombone Irene Aebi voice Nicholas Isherwood voice Bobby Few piano Eric Watson piano Sonhando Estwick vibraphone Jean-Jacques Avenel bass Sam Kelly percussion John Betsch drums

Ind. Title Composer / Author Dur.
1/ The Owl Steve Lacy / Guillaume Apollinaire 6:53
2/ Torments Steve Lacy / Gaston Chaissac 10:52
3/ Tracks Steve Lacy / Mario Merz 7:30
4/ Dome Steve Lacy / Kurt Schwitters 16:29
5/ The New Moon Steve Lacy / Wassilky Kandinsky 11:15

Recorded March 4-6, 1992 at Grosser Sendesaal Funkhaus Wallrafplatz, Cologne (Germany). Recording supervisor: Ansagar Ballhorn. Engineer: Peter Esser. Assistant engineer: Walter Platter. Sound: Helmut Schmaul. Piano tuner: Paul Müller.

Mix, editing & CD-mastering by Ansagar Ballhorn.

Producers: Ulrich Kurt, Pia & Werner Uehlinger.

Cover painting: Wassilky Kandinsky ("Improvisation 9", 1910). Cover art: Walter Bosshardt.

Liner Notes

This set of five "painted poems" by the Painter's Poet (Apollinaire) and four Painter-Poets (Chaissac, Merz, Schwitters and Kandinsky) was composed in the beginning of the '70s (Rome-Paris) and reworked (rewritten, revised, reconsidered, rescored, rearranged) off and on since then, until this version for double sextet commissioned by Ulrich Kurth (WDR Cologne) and Werner X. Uehlinger (hat Hut Records), which was also performed live and subsequently broadcast.

The texts are sung in French (1, 2), Italian (3), and German (4, 5).

The unity between all the arts, as well as the infinite possibilities of collaboration between artists in different disciplines, and of different persuasions, has long been apparent to many of us. However, the actual work in common, and the combining of the elements involved, remains a very delicate affair and, just as in good cuisine, too much spice, or too much cooking, or any number of misjudgements or false actions, can ruin a dish.

I hope these five paintings are bright and clear!

The pieces are dedicated to Anton Webern (The Owl), Erik Satie (Torments), Gioacchino Rossini (Tracks), Serge Prokofiev (Dome), Kurt Weill (New Moon).

Steve Lacy (August 1992)