Monika H. Band:


I sang with the wind for the first time.
The perfect duet for the first time

(Monika Heidemann in "Bright" - liner notes)

Recorded in 2005

Monika Heidemann voice Matt Moran vibraphone
Massimo Biolcati bass Khabu Doug Young guitar Take Toriyama drums
with guests: Sofia Koutsovitis voice on #1 Adam Schneit background vocals on #1
Jeremy Udden alto saxophone on #2
Amelia Hollander viola on #5 Aoife O' Donovan & Ayelet Gottlieb voice on #5

Ind. Title Composer / Author Dur.
1/ Organs Monika Heidemann 5:56
2/ Somebody Special Steve Lacy / Brion Gysin 7:02
3/ Details Monika Heidemann 6:46
4/ The Race Monika Heidemann / Marc Riorden 3:36
5/ Bright Monika Heidemann 3:32
6/ Keep On Monika Heidemann 5:31
7/ Written In My Dreams Monika Heidemann / Allen Ginsburg 5:20
8/ Art Steve Lacy / Herman Melville 7:46

Recorded at Studio G, Brooklyn, NY on January 2005. Engineer: Joel Hamilton. Main vocals recorded at Water Music, Hoboken, NJ on June 2005 by Ted Young. Mixed by Joel Hamilton at Studio G, Brooklyn, NY.
Mastered at micro-moose, Brooklyn, NY. Engineer: Doug Henderson.

Producers: Monika Heidemann, b-radius.

Outside photo: Adam Fuss. Inside photo by Julia Newman. Artwork/design: Aleks Zelenina. Design/layout by Kathy Ridl.