Dave Douglas, Louis Sclavis, Peggy Lee, Dylan Van Der Schyff:

Bow River Falls

Music speaks louder than words.

(Dave Douglas - liner notes)

Recorded in 2003

Dave Douglas trumpet Louis Sclavis clarinet, bass clarinet Peggy Lee cello Dylan van der Schyff drums, laptop

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Blinks Steve Lacy 2:34
2/ Bow River Falls Dave Douglas 5:09
3/ Fête Forraine Louis Sclavis 5:14
4/ Window Peggy Lee 4:24
5/ Maputo Louis Sclavis 7:03
6/ Petals Dave Douglas 5:23
7/ Retracing 2 Peggy Lee 6:37
8/ Dernier Regards/Vol Louis Sclavis 3:02
9/ Woman At Point Zero Dave Douglas 8:16
10/ Dark Water D. Douglas, L. Sclavis, P. Lee, D. van der Schyff 5:22
11/ Paradox Dave Douglas 5:23

Recorded during the Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music, using the facilities of the Music & Sound Program at The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, June 2003. Engineer: John Sorensen. Assistant engineers: Kent Walker, Jonathon Stevens. Theresa Leonard, Director of Audio.
Mastering: Pablo Mochcovsky. Post production coordinator: Michael Friedman.

Producers: Dave Douglas, Dylan van der Schyff.

Cover art: Lynne Huras ("Canyon I", 2002, painting - collection of Chris & Shannon Bradley). Graphic design: Anne Benjamin.

Note: Blinks was recorded, in first intent, as a track for the Interpretations of Steve Lacy record prepared by Vincent Lainé for Steve's 70th anniversary. This project had to be abandoned, unfortunately. Thank you again to the musicians for their very kind participation.