Recorded in 1975

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Deadline Steve Lacy 8:05
The New Duck 6:25
2/ Coastline 7:10
3/ The Crust 5:03
4/ The TAO Suite:
Existence Steve Lacy 5:44
The Way 2:31
Bone 4:14
Name 5:54
The Breath 4:11
Life On Its Way 4:28

Recorded live on September 1975 in The San Francesco Church in Como (Italy), during the Autumno Musicale di Como. Engineers: Augusto Brivio & Gigi "the genius" Ronchetti. Remix by Augusto Brivio.

Producers: Augusto Brivio & Sergio Veschi.

Cover: Lucio Brevio & Adelio Frigerio.

Notes: the names of the compositions are not mentioned on the records (both sides are called "Axieme" on LPs, and the CD reissue mentions "Axieme Parts 1-4"). Durations are approximate.
The vinyl and first CD pressing were mastered at wrong speed. A corrected reissue has been made.

LP (Axieme 2) liner notes

Oct. 20 77

Thanks for the cassette.

I agree with you that the msuic is very good. (I taped it myself at the concert).

Steve Lacy