The TTrolls:


The TTrolls enlist Lacy for the fight against entropy.

(Glenn Newell)

Recorded in 1994

Glenn Newell vocals (except 6-9-13), shaker (1-6-16), percussion & banjo (2), harmonica (3-5-6-13), guitar (4-14-15), bongos (4-16), electric guitar, bass & guiro (13), jaw harp & cabasa (14), drums sounds (15), all instruments (9) Ed Trumpbour drums (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-11-12-13-14) Dave Kim guitars (1-3-4-6-7-8-10-11-12-13-15), bass (1-4-6-7-8-10-14-15), drums & percussions (10), vocals (11-12) Larry Anastasi guitars (1-7-11) John Paul Gauthier tambourine (1), guitars (13-16) Nick Maravich bass (2-3-11-12-14), guitar (5), vocals (11-12) Steve Lacy soprano saxophone (6)

Ind. Title Composer / Author Dur.
1/ Bound for Nashville G. Newell / F. Berlingeri 3:10
2/ Slack G. Newell 2:56
3/ To the Bone G. Newell / N. Maravich 2:37
4/ Song for Eddy G. Newell 3:09
5/ Charlene G. Newell / N. Maravich 4:51
6/ Wrench G. Newell, D. Kim 3:43
7/ Comfi G. Newell, E. Trumpbour, D. Kim, J.P. Gauthier 1:15
8/ Last Chance G. Newell 2:49
9/ Lazy 3:04
10/ Month of Sundays 4:40
11/ Shangri-La G. Newell / N. Maravich 3:07
12/ Walking the Plank G. Newell 3:37
13/ Never 3:56
14/ Johnny Vazquez 3:37
15/ My Dogs (Come to Me) G. Newell, E. Trumpbour 4:16
16/ Rochester G. Newell 3:38

Note: the Lacy solo in Wrench comes from Humph in the album Only Monk

Recorded at Lakewest Recording Studio, West Greenwich, Rhode Island (USA). Engineer: John Paul Gauthier. Lazy engineered by G. Newell at International Headquarters, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mastered at electric Tommyland Studios, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (USA). Engineer: Tom Walsh.

Producers: John Paul Gauthier & Glenn Newell.

Cover photography: Edward Hirschfield.

Liner Notes

My brother broke my bike.

Okay, he didn't actually break it. He just took it apart one afternoon and then couldn't put it back together again. I came down into the garage and there was my bike in bits and pieces, scattered all aver the cold concrete floor. Sort of like Humpty-Dumpty with my bike in the role of the giant talking egg.

I forgave him (eventually), but never really forgot about it. Neither, apparently did my brother. One of his earliest songs is called Me and My Sister, and there's a line in there where he says I'm still claiming that he broke my bicycle (trust me, he did).

So, what do a sister's reminiscences have to do with this the TTroll's second album?

My brother's still taking things apart.

Hear this album's songs, listen to the lyrics. The TTroll's are talking about our love affairs and our jobs, our politics and our dreams. They're talking about taking them apart, examining them and leaving them scattered on the cold, scarred floors of our hearts. They're talking about getting over the hump, carrying on, but never really forgetting.

'Cause it's really hard to put things back together without instructions.

And, who's got instructions

Mindy Newell (New York City - November 16, 1994)

About this album and the TTrolls

Music is the search for order. Newcomers to Lacy's music — especially his solo soprano sax records — may find uncertainty in where the order lies. The TTrolls, by using repetitive rhythmic and harmonic lines placed electronically under Lacy's solos, help to uncover Lacy's rigorous improvisational logic.

My band the TTrolls had a cool instrumental piece called Wrench — but it needed something. Fooling around I overlaid Lacy's solo from Humph (with a little bit of slowing the turntable down to get the right pitch) and magic occurred. I then did the same thing with the solo Misterioso  (Glenn Nowell: soprano saxophone, harmonica, guitar; Dave Kim: bass, guitar; Ed Trumpbour: drums; Nick Maravich: bass, guitar).

The TTrolls are a New Jersey-USA-recording outfit.Their influences include the Pixies, Thelonious Monk,Tom Waits and of course Steve Lacy. They have 2 cds and a cassette all available thru ANTCEL records.

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