To all musicians and connoisseurs,

We have received the following letter on December 6th, 2005:


"Tbhis is to inform you that after looking at the website represented by
the attachment herewith, that I see several legal violations of usage of
name, manuscripts (pictured) and representations with regard to the
Intellectual Property owned by Irene Lacy.

You have no right, written or otherwise, to exploit the name of Steve Lacy
(a US citizen when he died) or any of the manuscripts or other media
formats of Steve's music. In the former case you have violated his right
of publicity which is now controlled exclusively by his widow and heir. In
the latter case you have violated several copyright laws, both US and
international as you have no written license to display, distribute or
reproduce in any form Steve's music other than recordings that may be on
the Senator's label.

Judith Baldwin, Director
The Aradia Group
718.726.5425 / 917.215.5860{Cell# 24/7}"


Since Steve Lacy's death, his widow Irene Aebi has spent a wilful energy to block this website and thus keep off his music from fans' and musicians' reach. This site, as everything we have done in his name since 1995 (through the non-for-profit association Senators), was fully approved by Mr. Lacy, who always expressed his gratitude for our benevolent work. Over the years, this site has naturally become THE focal point for anyone interested in his music: musicians keep on sending us their new releases featuring his compositions and share their projects with us, while fans keep on searching for more information and continue proposing their free collaboration. All of them know how grateful I am for their collaboration and support, even if it is not always possible for me to answer their queries as soon as I'd like...

During his life, Steve Lacy had to protect himself from mean-spirited people, and it would be a cowardly decision on our part to simply give up and wait for the end of the storm. We shall remove the few "copyrighted" media found on this site as soon as possible, and shall continue to "help the promotion of Steve Lacy's music to musicians and connoisseurs," as we have done for the last 10 years with Steve’s full constant support.

We are convinced that Steve Lacy's spirit, like any great artist’s, cannot be spoiled or oppressed by anyone. Nor can his work be “abducted” and prevented from being played, as the saxophonist / composer stated about music: "We only follow it / To the end of our life / Then it goes on without us." The recent recordings of Hans Koller (London Ear), Gianna Montecalvo & Roberto Ottaviano (Steve's Mirror), Gianni Lenoci (Plays Lacy on piano), Joe Giardullo (No work today: Nine for Steve Lacy), Evan Parker (Evan Parker with Birds - for Steve Lacy), among others (soon to be put online), are irrevocable proof of the correctness of his vision! And so are the exciting projects that many musicians are currently working on (names will not be revealed here so that they will not be censured). Last but not least, we have just completed all updates for the much awaited second edition of Findings (soon available!).

These records, performances and this website -- today more than ever -- are a collective homage to Mr. Lacy, the artist and the man.
Let's pay our dues to him (The Rent...) and let’s keep up the good work together!

Thank you for your interest in Steve Lacy's music.

Vincent Lainé (